TI’s are a false flag operation which the contractors use to deceive and trick the TIs Neighbors into thinking TI’s are Terrorists who are guilty of committing some horrible crime for which they need to be watched

  It is my belief that the mercs mission is primarily too spy on people in the neighborhoods of America.  The TI target is a false flag operation or a diversion.  I tell you of this because Everyone is targeted now.  You need to help free the TI’s from their virtual prison by calling congressmen and other activism like telling others about TI’s.  Do not pretend to know nothing about the subject because it only shows your ignorance of the subject.  You will not be spared because you do not talk about it.    If you are an activist then you are or soon will be targeted.  Read on.
Why are TI’s  a diversion?  The mercs always  disseminate at least five weapons coming from separate directions too cover the target, but they can and do get more.  The more people that host  remotely accessible psychotronic weapons in their homes, the more neighbors can be spied on.  I’m not going over what they do too me here, because you can look that up on my website.  But I Will tell you one thing that bothers me the most is because one of their frequencies will stop physical intimacy dead in Its tracks.  Yes, sex and I am sorry but this is a touchy subject, So I will be brief and to the point.  I have had this demonstrated too me personally, enough times to differentiate it from  age related erectile dysfunction. .  After a few iterations of this it becomes obvious too me that the mercs are able to use a frequency to Stop sexual feelings each and every time.  They Will even do this to me as a game to stave off boredom.  Sometimes they stop me sooner in the process but mostly they wait until almost the end which is the most frustrating for me,  but is a favorite of the mercs.  The Mercs seem to have, as I’ve said before, a dictate to drive the targets to suicide and they have many types of induced afflictions, which they seem to enjoy using to sereptitiously induce into the target such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, edema, heart arrhythmia, etc.  They enjoy the challenge of doing these things to you so that you actually believe it is what it appears to be.  Also when seeing a doctor about the affliction , they will oblige by giving you the appropriate diagnosis to go along.
As for what I said about intimacy, that is yet another try at forcing the Target to commit suicide.  Also, its a chance to break up my relationship and weaponizes my libido to use against me.  If this happens o you, I hope you can notice the interference.  I wonder what men think about what I said about induced afflictions and especially Truncated intimacy.  In other words do people perceive any of the symptoms of what I said.  I hope not but if you do then dont just ignore it or think it will go away by itself.  we have to call out congressmen and local officials to make them stop it.
 In most cases though, the mercs are working to get the Target to commit suicide ultimately.   Because nobody understands what is going on, the methods they use actually make their plan feasible ,  for most Americans.   These mercenaries can hook up your brain with radar in just a few minutes.  I hear it’s as easy as calling a cell phone for them to connect.
Now you might be wondering what I had done to get this kind of treatment.  I can assure you that I had a clean record and worked all my life.  I am however a whistleblower and I am also an activist, both of which are frowned upon.   So I had actually done two things. but wait there are more things the Government doesn’t like.  Now that the government has shown its true colors, we can see that the government is really afraid of we the people.  They want to find out who is independent, who is smart, who has guns, who is concerned about adherence to the constitution.  It may be easier to see what I a am talking about if consider what kind of person the government is more comfortable with which would be someone who follows orders even to the point of hurting others, doesn’t complain and like George Carlin said, someone who is just smart enough to run the machines, but dumb enough to ignore how they are getting f##ked by a system that threw them overboard 50 years ago.  People who are smart, think for themselves, are protective of their rights, seek fairness etc. are really not trusted by this government.   They will either need to be retrained or disposed of.  Life has gotten significantly cheaper here in the new fascistic corporate state.