TI’s are a false flag operation which the contractors use to deceive and trick the TIs Neighbors into thinking TI’s are Terrorists who are guilty of committing some horrible crime for which they need to be watched


  It is my belief that the mercs mission is primarily too spy on people in the neighborhoods of America.  The TI target is a false flag operation or a diversion.  I tell you of this because Everyone is targeted now.  You need to help free the TI’s from their virtual prison by calling congressmen … Read more

NTT No Touch Torture log for March, 2017

This is my log for no touch torture which is kept in my website http://JamesLico.com  under the NoTouchTorture category.  I have 3 college degrees which allows me to make comments about what I am going through.  The following is a short article about the targeting crime and the people who prosecute it.  These people will … Read more