NTT No Touch Torture log for March, 2017

This is my log for no touch torture which is kept in my website  under the NoTouchTorture category.  I have 3 college degrees which allows me to make comments about what I am going through.  The following is a short article about the targeting crime and the people who prosecute it.  These people will treat anyone like the way Lavoy Finicum was treated in Burns Oregon in the winter of 2015.  He got out of the car he was in with his hands up and was promptly shot down and then dealt a finishing shot at close range.  These contractors who have me under ans extreme form of second by second surveillance, are the same type of contractors who torture Murdered Lavoy Finicum.
Spencer Carter talking about a Class Action Lawsuit which will be coming up in the second quarter of 2017. Look for it.
Friday March 3, 2017
12:19am Today was a good day and a bad day.  Donna and I may have located a house.  After we got back home the MERCS tortured and are still torturing both Donna and I.  It seems like retaliation.  We are leaving here and I suspect that the morons are angry about our leaving here… no more income.  They seem very angry.  I am receiving a great amount of Infrasound to my head.  My ear aches and my brain is entrained.  I just took a shower but it is taking over again.  The Mercs are very angry about something or maybe they are laughing at us.  You never know because they dont respect us as human beings.  maybe we are like THINGS that they use and discard.
1:01am Donna says the Brutes are raping her and gouging her stomach.  I am getting ELF inthe face and giving me a left earache even though I have ear plug.
Sunday, March 5, 2:02pm
I am listening to Renatas call and Christine is crying and then the morons shoot a resonance beam through my temple. This is done to strike fear unless there is no fear and then it is done for stupidity.  I can actually feel it going all the way through and out the other side.
4:49pm  There is only a slight pain in my ear right now left over from yesterday.  Yet when i touch around the area, it is still swollen as if it were infected.  I think the pain causes one to get used to pain and therefore ignore it.  This makes me think of Guantanamo bay and the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles or non wars.  People were taken off the streets and put into eventually Guantanamo if they were still alive.  They were tortured and this is how America learned about Torture.  There were no wars or actionable intelligence.  There was just torture for the sake of torture.  It was to learn about torture and get America used to the word torture.  This way they would not question it.
  There is constant frequencies which are mostly ELF.  My brain is entrained all day.  There is constant pokes and prods all day.
This handler is right across the street.  I can tell this because i have a directional meter/  Most of the radiation comes from across the street from the south and a little elevated and 10 degrees to the south.
I think this moron may be making my colon come out of my anus literally.  A man named Palmquist, took a stool sample from me last year and they now can resonate with my colon, apparently causing the abdomen to swell up so that it is very noticibly distended and like I said my colon extends out of my anus and I have to sit on the toilet for hours..  This is apparently a big joke for them but I wonder if they will still be laughing after we get them in prison for the mutilations and torture they have done.  My torture signals are delivered from the direction of a house across the street according to two directional meters I own.  There is only one house that I am talking about.  The signals come from a bedroom on the north side of the house that faces West.
March 6, 2017
4:00pm  My handler across the street is aiming an energy beam into my face and brain.  This is very demoralizing and damaging.  If anyone can help me fight these morons please let me know.  They are right across the street from me and you should verify before attacking them.
9:41pm The contractors are obsessed with making my eye itch so that I would scratch it.  I think they do this so they can tell others to watch that guy scratch is eye.  They are into shows of WOW.  What ever gives them credibility is important to them.   Brain entrainment with ELF energy is used all day.
11:38pm I bought a large plastic tub that someone might use on a farm to water horses.  I dont have a tub to detox and this will do nicely.  I was taking a soak in epsum salts  and my heart started racing and beating erratically.  I went upstairs to record my heart beat with a studio H4N recorder with contact microphone and finished making the recording but the heart sounds had drifted back to normal.  I went to upload the files to my computer from the SD card and found no files there.  I knew there were files from this morning so I ran pandora recovery and many deleted files were found.  I took the computer off line so it could not be accessed and to my surprise the pandora recovery program had been sopped and the files reapeared except for the one in which I recorded my heart sounds.  Recording your heart sounds gives you an audio file which you can load into an audio program like audacity or similar and get the wave form which directly relates to your heart rate and rhythm.  The wave form will show the rhythm skip as your heart falters and will show a doctor things similar to an EKG.  You can use it as evidence of an attack in trial.  You must have a recorder which can make professiona quality recordings and you must have a contact microphone capable of picking up heart beat sounds.  I have an Zoom H4N recorder and a contact microphone i got from Cold Gold Microphones in Canada.  You can get a contact mic at many places.  Listen to the special effects recording on the Cold Gold site to see what a set up like I described will do for your recording.  the recorder should cost you $100 and the mic less than $100.  This will give you evidence quality recordings.  Oh, the contact microphone can be placed on a wall to hear what is being said on the other side of a wall in case you need to do such a thing.  They will of course know you are listening and they will stop making noise and start talking very quietly while you are listening.  Make them work hard for it.
5:00a.m. I a.m. still awake 1st this time. They merc is hitting me with what seems like a fine point laser DE beam too the sole of my right foot. If the bottom of my foot s facing West as it is now, and their beam becomes uncomfortable, then when I move it 90 degrees to face North then the same beam should be unable too hit the same spot. But thanks too the JUDAS neighbors who have agreed too host electronic surveillance boxes in their home, then this merc can switch to yet another weapon, to focus its energy on the very same spot on the sole of my foot in a different plane. Notice the syops or psychological operation to make me think I am surrounded. Lies and syops are used to increase the trauma effects of the whole process. This process by the way is from the CIA’s MKULTRA, Trauma Based Mind Control for which the CIA has been convicted in the 1970’s.

So if the Target thinks they are surrounded, there is less chance they will fight back or try to get away. This is not that confusing. I think it would take 5 sepreate weapons too cover all directions in 360 degrees. This merc wants the Target to try to get away, do you see that? Think about the lesson the Target is expected to learn from this. This is the type of thing that goes on. Most of the time however, any extra weapons can be used too spy on all of the other neighbors in the area. This is the reason why you need too get nvolved because this abuse affects you too. In addition, we don’t want our citizens covertly targeted with directed energy weapons as they go about their day. There is such a thing as Due Process where a person is entitled to face his acusers and also to know and understand any charges against them.

It is my belief that the mercs mission is primarily too spy on people in the neighborhood. The TI target is a false flag operation or a diversion.
Why a diversion? The mercs always use at least five weapons too cover the target, but can and do get more. The more people that host remotly accessible psychotronic weapons in their homes, the more neighbors can be spied on. I’m not going over what they do too me here, but you can look that up on my website. But I Will tell you one thing that bothers me the most is because one of their frequencies will stop physical intimacy dead in Its tracks. Yes, sex and I didn’t want too believe it myself, but I have had this demonstrated too me personally, enough times to diferentiate it from age related erectile dysfunction . After a few iterations of this it becomes obvious too me that the mercs are able to use a frequency to Stop sexual feelings each and every time. They Will even do this to me as a game to stave off boredom. Sometimes they stop me sooner in the process but mostly they wait until almost the end which is the most frustrating for me, but is a favorite of the mercs. The men’s seem to have, as I’ve said before, a dictate to drive the target to suicide and they have many types of induced afflictions, which they seem to enjoy using to sereptitiously induce fibromyalgia, arthritis, edema, heart arrhythmia, etc. They enjoy the challenge of doing these things to you so that you actually believe it is what it appears to be. Also when seeing a doctor about the affliction , they will oblige by giving you the appropriate diagnosis to go along.
As for what I said about intimacy, that is yet another try at forcing the Target to commit suicide. Also, its a chance to break up my relationship and weaponizes my libido to use against me. If this happens o you, I hope you can notice the interference.
In most cases though, the mercs are working to get the Target to commit suicide ultimately. Because nobody understands what is going on, the methods they use actually make their plan feasible , for most Americans. These mercenaries can hook up your brain with radar in just a few minutes. I hear it’s as easy as calling a cell phone for them to connect.
Now you might be wondering what I had done to get this kind of treatment. I can assure you that I had a clean record and worked all my life. I am however a whistleblower and I am also an activist, both of which are frowned upon. So I had actually done two things. but wait there are more things the Government doesn’t like. Now that the government has shown its true colors, we can see that the government is really afraid of we the people. They want to find out who is independent, who is smart, who has guns, who is concerned about adherence to the constitution. It may be easier to see what I a am talking about if consider what kind of person the government is more comfortable with which would be somone who follows orders even to the point of hurting others, doesn’t complain and like Geoge Carlin said, someone who is just smart enough to run the machines, but dumb enough to ignore how they are getting f##ked by a system that threw them overboard 50 years ago. People who are smart, think for themselves, are protective of their rights, seek fairness etc. are really not trusted by this government. They will either need to be retrained or disposed of. Life has gotten significantly cheaper here in the new fascistic corporate state.

Fri. Mar 10
2:29am. I am exhausted and want to sleep but the merc is beaming my hands with energy that is burning my fingers. I cannot block it with anything. Its understandable if the energy is infrasound or ELF. This has been going on all night. Wow is this person weird because who would do such a thing to another human being? No matter what I do this person burns my fingers. Wow.. Its unbelievable and now he makes my heart skip a beat. Think of what is going on in this mans mind? This is his jobs and I think he likes it. We actually have these people living among us and we never knew it. I have seen pictures of the people in the Jewish pogroms being murdered and it looked so displaced from this time and yet those murderers are kindred spirits with these people. Its as though they are a different species of mammal. These people are actually predators of their own kind. Now I know what Stanley milgram must have felt like.

2:28pm I see that my merc handler is again using boils on my body. I see two of them, one on each side of my neck under my ears. These have been often used on me in the last two years. This is a continuation of the disgusting puss filled infections that these Mercs in the house across the street from mine are doing to me. Murder is not apparently a concern of these people across the street. They are illegally irradiating me from behind walls. There is a Wikileaks Data dump of evidence of Deep State corruption called #Vault7. Describing the crimes of the enemies of the state is a great way of getting rid of the wrong type of people who just want to use and asset strip the Human Being Citizens of This United States.

I think The Crooks apparently do not think some people are citizens or maybe it is some kind of confusion about not hurting people. It is the view of most people that jobs hurting people and in effect killing them is not a job at all. Jobs hurting people are really murder for hire.