Attention Worldwide to the Reality of Covert & Inhumane Electronic Assault on Innocents

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I saw the inhumanity in this comment and had to repost it on my website.

in response to Ramola D:

In 2017, public awareness of covert electronic assault, secret military subjugation of communities, and knowledge of MK ULTRA-extended programs of mind control and neurotechnology experimentation is dramatically growing, thanks to the Internet, and thanks to the energies and efforts of some highly motivated and aware individuals, alternative media groups, and human rights activists. People are […]

The assaults on me have increased and I believe my elderly mother has been crippled by the assaults and suffering greatly. When I am under attack she is almost paralyzed and unable to function. Today I was driven out of her house from severe attack. These barbarians are beating me with pain waves and burning me to the point I can’t walk either. They are taking my life by sleep deprivation. I believe they want to steal my mother’s estate by surveilling her too and separating us. These neighbors in the rental next door keep bringing in more perps who are willingly doing this to bring our lives to an end. March 7, 2017 335 Talucah Rd Valhermoso Springs, AL Dianne Renee Chandler