Do not believe the lies about Targeted People are crazy and mentally ill. This is part of population control which is depopulation aka murder.  This is a lie perpetuated by the FBI and Intelligence Community and their supporters.  This is SLAVERY and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  It IS REMAINING  TOP SECRET SO PEOPLE WONT FIND OUT IT IS SLAVERY.  Besides there is a good chance you are already under surveillance with this advanced technology and if so, they can see what you see and hear what you hear.



Oct 21, 2022

2:24pm my ssd computer media has been stolen.  I am not sure when it happened but I had many back ups and blank media, also bootable media. 


I can hear static from the radar beam connected to my head.

I believe contractors in the Barnes house are doing this.

Therefore FBI contractors are taking my media and basically forbidding me to have the media to back up my devices.  I had numerous windows operating systems miin 95, win98, win 7, win 8 , win2000server, win 2007server, many bootable LINUX versions and flavors and all of them except one is missing.  Also many new and used SD cards Micro SD and Mini SD cards and many Thumb drives are all gone –  There were 20 1GB micro SD cards and now there are none.  The FBI have standard psyops like stealing the SD cards and taking all of the large capacity ones like I would not know.  I find that it is best to write everything down into an article and then publish it so everyone will know what they do.

in the last two weeks I have been hurt much more by DEWs.

Also, My car was broken

my refrigerator was broken and my upright freezer was broken

But now the upright freezer apparently fixed itself.  

October 22, 2022
12:40pm  The FBI Contractors (IN BARNES HOUSE) are farming us here in my house. They are assisted by Steve Hatfield and John Clute  That is they feel that whatever we have is theirs and they take whatever they want.  They keep me under control by breaking my stuff so that I must replace it.  This has cost me over $30,000 so far.  It would be much higher if my skills were taken into consideration.  What I am saying is these contractors are Predators who would take anyone hostage and take their stuff because they are liars and cannot be trusted any time any place.  They falsely believe that the FBI is trustworthy because they have the HALO EFFECT.  The HALO EFFECT means that the FBI is able to do wrong and that is break laws without consequence so that they remain trusted even now after the majority of people believe they are discredited, evil and predatory.  Therefor the BARNES are evil predators.  The contractors are immature children in adults bodies so they are kept entertained by abusing me and Donna for their amusement.  They have zero self respect.  I have heard them tell others about some of the amusing dilemmas they have put us in for fun.  They tried to get the UPS and FEDEX drivers to join in on thee abusive fun by changing how they deliver packages. But they would not do it and retained self respect.  I asked the Barnes what they will do after the CRASH and apparently they have good CANIBLE skills and are not worried.  

October 23, 2022, Sunday
12:50pm  my head feels like it is going to explode due to an energy beam locked onto it and my brain  being hit with resonant energy.  I would describe it as brain fog which is enforced on me, making it more difficult to think and reason.  This at first does not make sense but bear with me while I explain it.  What is happening to me is obviously abuse or torture.  The purpose of this isnt obvious.  What if the purpose of this is to drive the target crazy so that the target would slowly be driven to commit suicide.  I believe that is the objective.  So we are talking about the FBI contractors are killing me by forced suicide.  The target is allowed to sleep usually and then during the day the torture returns in earnest to the point of extreme discomfort.  These contractors are given an order to do some level of torture in order to force the target to commit suicide.  The contractors probably know that it is to force suicide but they may not. In any event the contractors are torturing the target until suicide therefor the target is within his rights to defend his life by whatever means necessary to stop the contractors up to and including death of the contractors.

We can see that the contractors are repeating a mundane sequence of interferences which they are ordered to do.  Obviously they are ordered to inflame my brain to the extent that it is now so that I must suffer brain fog and a measured amount of pain.  This is why I call them MORONS and that is because they are uncaringly committing murder slowly so that at some point I would kill myself.  YES, this is so.  The FBI are murdering activists.  I am a 70yo man who voted REPUBLICAN and that is my crime.  This makes me a Domestic Terrorist and therefore an enemy of the state. There are at least 3 million NATIONAL SECURITY MORONS WHO MAKE TAX FREE MONEY BY KILLING DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.  When are peole going to wake up and realize that Democrats have declared a civil war on Domestic Terrorists as Identified by the FBI under HALO EFFECT.  these people have destroyed the country and that is a fact.

10:15pm  I went to bed for 3 hours because the pain in my head from the punishment’s  from the national security morons was too great.  What the fuck are these NATIONAL SECURITY MORONS taking money from the FBI for MURDER for hire to remove political opponents?  I am not violent this is a disaster.  I would like to take these morons into custody as people who would hurt others.  Also the Sheriff John Ward does not want to help!  What kind of sheriff is this representative of the people? But this is not unusual, because 99% of LE is like this.  CAN YOU FIGURE IT OUT?

You are a domestic terrorist if you vote republican, support second amendment, think Trump won 2020 election freedom of speech freedom of opinion, if you are a parent who doesn’t want your child to mask or take a covid shot or be allowed to read sexually explicit books in the library. They are expanding the surveillance coverage of these people. So if you are not on board with the Joe Biden admin narrative then you better watch out!  Do you notice that you must pee more often especially when beginning or ending a task?  Do you have an inflamed colon, do you have interference with your computer and smart phone? If yes to one or more, then you are a target of the NATIONAL SECURITY MORONS UNDER CONTROL OF THE FBI. You need to wake up and wake up others… JAMESLICO.ORG